Service rules

Purpose and scope
Rules of Service

1.1. These Rules for the provision of services by the service (hereinafter - Rules) establish requirements and contain a description of:

1.1.1. Procedure for providing the multicurrency exchange service

1.1.2. Public offer To users of the services of the service

1.1.3. Separation of responsibility for the use and provision of services by the service

1.1.4. Measures to minimize the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.

1.1.5. Complete completion of the exchange operation is possible only upon user registration. In case of an erroneous operation without registration, the exchange must be repeated to credit all orders to the client’s account.

1.1.6. Also, when opening a new application, specify the correct amount including commission, in case of sending an incorrect amount the smart contract will not work and the transaction will be frozen by the system. To unblock, you need to repeat the transaction, being logged in the system, after that you will receive all transactions to your address specified in the application form.

1.2. or Service - a system that provides Users with the opportunity to exchange crypto-currencies for electronic money and (or) national currency, as well as the exchange of electronic of money and (or) national currency for a cryptocurrency located and functioning on a website in the network Internet at

1.3. The service is located on the territory of the State of Belgium. According to the current legislative regulation, in Belgium the activity on civil circulation of cryptocurrency is normatively not allowed. We would also like to point out that due to the increasing number of abnormal actions in the form of abuse of our service, we do not serve users from such countries as Estonia, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, France, Turkey.



Wow, such a great service, thank you so much!


The entire translation took 10 minutes.I liked everything.!


Thank you for a very quick exchange! I use this exchanger for the first time, definitely not the last one.


A good exchanger. I used it several times. Gone)


I made an exchange several times on this resource, it comes quickly, I communicated with support and they answered immediately.


The service is working, I have exchanged TRX for small amounts several times.

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